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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Adhan in the newborns ear.

Q; Is there any hadiths on adhan for a newborn baby… A; The ruling on performing Adhan in the right ear of newly born babies are Sunnah and preferred according to many scholars, based on the hadith which was narrated by Abi rafie' who said: " I saw the prophet (peace be upon him) performing the Adhan in the ear of Al-Hussain at the time he was born by his Mother Fatima ( May Allah be pleased with her)" [Sunan At-Tirmidhi: section of Adhyaa; Hadith Number1514] And Imam Tirmithi said about it Hadith Saheeh, An-Nawawi says in Al_Majmoo'ah:8/434: Saheeh, Ibn Al-Mulqin said in Al-Badr Al-Munir: 9/348: Saheeh, and Al-Albaani grades it Hasan in his book of Irwa:1173. However, other scholars classified this Hadith as weak because of ( A'sim Bin O'baid Allah) who was calssified as weak. Although the majority of the Scholars of Hadith graded these Ahadith as weak this was an act that was done by Umar bin Abdulaziz and Ibn Al-Munthir (May Allah be pleased with them) so I do not see the harm in doing so, further more it has been mentioned in Ibn Al-Qayim's book Tahfat Al-Mawlood fi Ahkaam Al-Mawlood p 31 : The significance of saying the Adhan and the iqamah in the ears of the child is that the first words he hears declare the greatness and majesty of Allah. The words of testimony are those which a man recites on embracing Islam. In other words, this is a pronouncement of the creed of Islam. Besides, at the sound of Adhan and iqamah, Satan distances himself. At this early age, the child is thus invited to Allah the Majestic, to Islam and to the worship of Allah. This call forestalls temptation by Satan and ensures an unblemished faith. Moreover, it is a forearming against Satan and temptation. End of quote. Many Scholars have said similar words as mentioned by Ibn Al-Qayim such Sheikh Ibn U'thaymeen , Bin Baz and others, but as for the Hadith on that mentions giving aqaamah in the left ear is fabricated and this is because in the isnad is Marwan b. Salim al-Ghifari and Yahya b. al-‘Ala’. Regarding Ghifari, Ibn Abi Hatim related from his father that he weakened him and said, “Munkar al-hadith, da’if al-hadith laysa lahu hadith qa’im.” To this, Ibn Abi Hatim inquired, “yutraku hadithuhu? [Are his hadith to be abandoned?]” To which his father relied, “la, bal yuktabu hadithuhu [No, in fact they are to be written.].” (al-Jarh wa al-Ta’dil 8/274) Also, Imam Bukhari said, “munkar al-hadith.” And it is known that what Bukhari intends by it is that it is not permissible to relate from him; Imam Bukhari is unique in what he intends by the phrase. And Hafiz Ibn Hajar said, “matruk (abandoned), and al-Saji and others accused him of fabricating.” (Taqrib al-Tahdhib 526) Thus according to some authorities, this Ghifari is accused of fabricating. In conclusion it is desirable for one to perform adhan in a newborn's ear because it has been quoted and acted upon by some of the Salaf and mentioned in the books of the four Imams, and if one decides to leave this act for the fact that it has been graded as a weak Hadith then this is also fine because they are both respected opinions recognized among the Scholars. And Allah knows best...

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