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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

15th of Sha'baan is Bidah..

Q; I was asked about the evidence of the 15th of Sha'baan being aBidah after posting a detailed Fatwa on this issue, and my answer was as followed-

A; All-Praise is due to Allah,
In a Hadith it is quoted, 'If it becomes the night of Half Sha'baan (15th) for verily, Pray in its night & fast in its day' (Realated by Ibn Majah-1/421, and Albani said in his Silsilat Ad-Daa'efah Hadith is Moedouaa' 'Fabricated' -5/2132 )
The Scholars of Hadith grade a Hadith Daa'ef if a person in the Chain is missing or if one of the people in the Chain is considered a weak narrater, and of course there is much more then this to explain about a weak Hadith. But in this Case if a Hadith is graded Daa'ef (weak) then this means one can not label it as a Hadith or refer to it as something as being form the Sharia. As for a Hadith being Moedouaa' (Fabricated) its even worst because that refers to it being nonexistent and lied upon…
As for the Fatwa I have posted above is from Islam Q&A (To read the Fatwa click on following link- ) the most authentic Islamic website on the net you can find, and this is run and administrated by one of the most knowledge Scholars from Saudi and amongst the Muftieen Mohammad Salah Munajid (May Allah preserve him, and lift his status)
So if you did not read this Fatwa above I suggest you do so by…
And since this Hadith has been classified Moedouaa' (Fabricated) by many Scholars of Hadith it is not permissible to act upon it and is considered an innovation!!!
and Allah knows best...

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