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Monday, 19 November 2012

Shaving body hair for men.

Q; Is a man allowed to shave his body hair such as his arms legs etc..

A; All-Praise is dud to Allah,
The Scholars differed in this matter, some say that it is Haram because it imitates women and others say that it's permissible. The more revised opinion out of the two is that it is permissible for a man to shave his body hair because of the lack of evidence to prove other wise.
Sheikh Muhmmad Saalih Al-Munajid was asked:

Can a man shave his body hair if when he gets hot or does exercise he sweats? i.e from his chest,his back and his legs.
jazakulla kharan

And he replied: Praise be to Allah;
In Islamic shari’ah, hair is divided into 3 types:

First: Hair that has been ordered to remain, such as man’s beard.

Second: Hair that has been ordered to be removed, such as pubic hair, the hair of the armpits, and the extension of the mustache if it reached the lips.

Third: Hair about which we are told nothing, such as hair of hands, legs, chest, and back; this hair is permissible to be removed and Allah is the most Knowledgeable.

(See Islam Q&A Fatwa: 451).

And Allah knows best...

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