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Monday, 27 June 2011

Is it obligatory to veil the face??

  • I was asked on my Facebook Acount-
    Q: Is it obligatory to veil the face??
    A: All Praise is due to Allah,
    The Scholars differed in this matter You have the one opinion that said That it is compulsory, & the other view saying it is Sunnah (recommendable)
    But there is an conciseness agreement amongst the Scholars that if it is in an era of Fittnah then it is compulsory for her to wear it, & there is no era in time that has passed as much as this era of Fitnah!!!!!
    Some say from amongst the opinions on Sunnah, It becomes compulsory if a women is very atractive then it is complsory for her to veil her face.
    As to see the opinion of it being Compulsory click on this link-
    & to view the opinion of it being Sunnah, click on this link-
    & Allah knows best....
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