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Thursday, 14 July 2011

go into prostration by preceding knees

Q; I have seen lots of people reaching the ground preceding knees.. Even i do the same.... Is it permissible way to go into prostration by preceding knees??

A; All-Praise is Due To Allah,
This is an issue of difference of opinion amounts the Scholars of Fiqh. The consensus of Scholars say it is preferred to go start with the knee's then hand's and related this to the Hadith of Wa'il ibn Hajr (Allah be pleased with him) who said: I saw the Messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, while prostrating, place his knees (on the floor) before his hands. Upon getting up, he would raise his hands before his knees. I never saw him do otherwise.'" (see Abu Dawood, 1/837-838, pg. 215).
But this hadith has been graded weak by Albani…
Albani is of the firm opinion that when one goes into Sajdah, he or she should place his hands onto the ground before his knees. He stated in 'Sifah Salah an-Nabee' (pg. 52): "He (the Prophet, peace be upon him) used to place his hands on the ground before his knees." Then al-Albani said in the footnote of the same page (pg. 52, fn. 2): "Ibn Khuzaimah (1/76/1), Daraqutni and Hakim, who declared it Sahih and Dhahabi agreed. All the Ahadith which contradict this are inauthentic. This way has been endorsed by Malik, and similar is reported from Ahmad in Ibn al-Jawzi's al-Tahqeeq (108/2). Also, al-Marwazi quoted with a Sahih isnad, Imam al-Awzai in his Masaa'il (1/147/1) as saying: 'I found the people placing their hands before their knees.' Then al-Albani continued on the same page: "He used to instruct likewise, saying: When one performs Sajdah, he should not kneel like a camel, but should place his hands before his knees" (related by Abu Hurayra, see Abu Dawood, 1/839, pg. 215 English ed'n).
In general one must bare in mind that this is what the Scholars of Fiqh classify as Sunnan As-Salah (The Sunnah Acts of Prayer) meaning; if one performs it they are rewarded and if one leaves it then they are not punished. As apossed to a Rukan of Salah (The Obligatory acts of Prayer) which; if one performs it they are rewarded, and if one abandons it they are punished for it. So since it is a Sunnah act of Prayer and not an obligatory act one must choose what they feel comfortable with. As for this particular act my opinion of going down on your knees first has been authenticated by some Scholars but it revised opinion on its authentication is its weak (as classed by Albani)!!!
So I would stick to hands before knees due to the strong evidences that have been provided and authenticated by Albani (Rahim-Allah), and Allah knows best…..

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